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Saltcoats sunset

My first landscape pictures for a while and funnily enough it was only a mile from my door!

I watched the sunset develop from my house and when I decided that it might be promising, I left the house.  In the end the sunset didn’t really meet my expectations, the bank of cloud I had been watching for the previous hour never moved on quick enough to give me some clear sky around the setting sun to really light up the clouds above.

Still what I managed to get was okay and I chose these four images as my pick of the bunch. This was an ideal restart to my landscape shooting as I was only out the door for an hour at the most:).

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A cloud covered sunset

The conditions looked good, the bank of cloud was moving very slowly.  There was a clear strip of sky along the horizon.  These were the ideal conditions for a good sunset, as when the sun sinks down to the horizon there is a chance that it lights up the underside of the bank of cloud and gives a wonderful display of colours.  In an ideal world this would happen all the time, but on this occasion it was not to be.

I still managed to get a couple of images which were pleasing to me.  No great show of reds or oranges in the sky though but a slight tinge of blue mixed in with the grey certainly helped lift the sky.  This is Saltcoats beach looking over towards the Isle of Arran in the distance.

Saltcoats Sunset

Another image which I think is the stronger of the two.  Closer to sunset and a better foreground and more interesting sky.

Saltcoats Sunset

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Saltcoats Sunset

Another nice day on Saturday. As the afternoon wore on the conditions looked good for some shots. I decided to head out for an hour or so down to the beach at Saltcoats to try and capture the sunset.
In the end I was rewarded with a bank of cloud moving in, which was turned an angry shade of red for about 5 minutes after the sun had set behind the Isle of Arran. Another trip well worthwhile, especially when it’s only a couple of minutes down the road.

Saltcoats Sunset I

Saltcoats Sunset II

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