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Saltcoats sunset

My first landscape pictures for a while and funnily enough it was only a mile from my door!

I watched the sunset develop from my house and when I decided that it might be promising, I left the house.  In the end the sunset didn’t really meet my expectations, the bank of cloud I had been watching for the previous hour never moved on quick enough to give me some clear sky around the setting sun to really light up the clouds above.

Still what I managed to get was okay and I chose these four images as my pick of the bunch. This was an ideal restart to my landscape shooting as I was only out the door for an hour at the most:).

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Ardrossan sunset

Another year, another new camera!  This time I finally succumbed to the delights of a Nikon D800.  I had been sort of wanting one for a while but kept putting myself off.  A couple of weeks ago one came up at a great price so I couldn’t resist.

The last couple of weeks have been really bad, weather wise here.  Almost constant rain and wind.  I took the chance on this night even though it was very windy out and not really ideal sunset conditions.  I went down to Ardrossan north shore and decided to use the concrete covering of the outlet pipe as a lead in line.  While getting everything set-up, a gust of wind managed to blow over the tripod.  Luckily I caught the tripod and camera before it fell over, but it was a scary moment.

The first image from on top of the outlet pipe.

Ardrossan sunset

It was an okay shot, with at least a touch of colour in the sky.  I went down onto the beach hoping to use the line of cloud reflected in any pools of water on the beach.  This was probably the best one of the night.  Again, the high winds was making it difficult to get an image that wasn’t blurry due to the tripod moving on the wet sand.

Ardrossan sunset II

Altogether I spent about an hour in the freezing cold but I did manage to get two images which were alright.

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Fiery Sky

My first landscape image for a couple of months.  I managed to get out for a sunset a couple of nights ago to one of my favourite locations, Portencross.  Luckily for me this is only 15 minutes from my house.

Fiery Sky

I like the way this image contrasts the red of the sky with the white of the waves breaking around the foreground rocks.

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Plemont Bay, Jersey

I have just returned home from a week’s holiday in Jersey. I managed to get out and about on a few occasions and take some images.  This is Plemont Bay, a sandy beach that is only uncovered at low tide and is enclosed on 3 sides by cliffs. The only access down to the beach is from steps and a metal bridge then from there some concrete steps allow access to the beach at low tide.

This image was taken from the top of the rocks as the tide was turning. This is a 30 second long exposure with the Hitech Pro Stop.

Plemont Bay

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Glencoe and Rannoch Moor in the snow (Part 1)

The planning starts the night before a trip, it involves checking the weather forecast on a few websites as the BBC’s weather is sometimes not the most reliable! Then the sunrise and sunset times are noted along with using Memory Map to scope out suitable locations for sunrise/ sunset shots.

The weather forecast looked promising, light winds with a low of -7c. Ideal weather for a trip away. Glencoe is about 100 miles from my house, so planning is important as I don’t like to squander time (or money) on a wasted trip.

The plan was to get a sunrise at Rannoch Moor. Either Loch Ba, which would mean facing towards the sunrise, or Lochan Nah Achlaise which would mean the sunrise light hitting the Black Mount behind the Lochan.

I left around 5.15am, a little later than planned, luckily the traffic was light. As I travelled further north, the temperature gauge on the car started going lower and lower until I reached Loch Tulla and the gauge was showing -15c. The whole of the Loch was frozen over, which I thought would be a good picture opportunity for later on. There was not a cloud in the sky until I went up the hill towards Rannoch Moor. As soon as I got closer towards Rannoch Moor, I drove into a bank of freezing mist with visibility was down to around 30 feet. This was no use, you couldn’t even see the sky never mind the sunrise. I made the decision not to hang about and started back down towards Loch Tulla where I knew I would be able to get something decent.

This first picture was taken by the side of Loch Tulla after a climb over a fence and down towards the Lochside. The sunrise was still about 10-15 minutes away so the predawn light was starting to change from dark blue to shades of pink and purple.


The next couple of images were taken after sunrise with the sun hitting the black mount behind the Loch. After I had exhausted all possibilities for sunrise shots, I decided to head back up to Rannoch Moor and see if the mist had lifted.



On getting back up to Lochan Nah Achlaise, I was greeted with the glorious sight of the mist starting to lift revealing the sunlight striking the Black Mount behind the Lochan. A few shots later and it was in the bag. It’s moments like these that I love, you know you have got a good image and it makes the trip worthwhile.


After leaving the Lochan on a high, I made my way towards Glencoe. I decided to get an old favourite, a standard postcard shot of the ‘Black Rock’ cottage with the Buachaille behind it.


Continued in Part 2…

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