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Saltcoats sunset

My first landscape pictures for a while and funnily enough it was only a mile from my door!

I watched the sunset develop from my house and when I decided that it might be promising, I left the house.  In the end the sunset didn’t really meet my expectations, the bank of cloud I had been watching for the previous hour never moved on quick enough to give me some clear sky around the setting sun to really light up the clouds above.

Still what I managed to get was okay and I chose these four images as my pick of the bunch. This was an ideal restart to my landscape shooting as I was only out the door for an hour at the most:).

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Ardrossan sunset

Another year, another new camera!  This time I finally succumbed to the delights of a Nikon D800.  I had been sort of wanting one for a while but kept putting myself off.  A couple of weeks ago one came up at a great price so I couldn’t resist.

The last couple of weeks have been really bad, weather wise here.  Almost constant rain and wind.  I took the chance on this night even though it was very windy out and not really ideal sunset conditions.  I went down to Ardrossan north shore and decided to use the concrete covering of the outlet pipe as a lead in line.  While getting everything set-up, a gust of wind managed to blow over the tripod.  Luckily I caught the tripod and camera before it fell over, but it was a scary moment.

The first image from on top of the outlet pipe.

Ardrossan sunset

It was an okay shot, with at least a touch of colour in the sky.  I went down onto the beach hoping to use the line of cloud reflected in any pools of water on the beach.  This was probably the best one of the night.  Again, the high winds was making it difficult to get an image that wasn’t blurry due to the tripod moving on the wet sand.

Ardrossan sunset II

Altogether I spent about an hour in the freezing cold but I did manage to get two images which were alright.

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Portencross Castle Sunset

This is my first post on this blog for a couple of months.  I have made a few changes to my equipment since my last post.  I finally made the jump to full frame and this meant that a few lenses had to be changed to accommodate this.  My Tokina 11-16 which has served me so well over the past 3-4 years was sold and  I managed to get a very well cared for, secondhand, Nikon 16-35 f4 VR lens in it’s place.  My original idea was an upgrade to a full frame Nikon D800, but I couldn’t really justify the massive expense it buying this camera.  Luckily for me, I found someone willing to trade my woefully underused Nikon 300 f4 prime in a part exchange for a low use Nikon D700.  Although the D700 and my D300 are from the same generation of camera and both have only 12 mp, the D700 feels like a step up from the D300.  Certainly the quality of the full frame sensor shines through even though I have only used it a few times.

So armed with my D700 and 16-35, I was itching to get out again for some landscape shooting.  Getting nearer sunset, the light looked promising, so I headed down to Portencross which you can probably see from my images is one of my favourite locations.  The fact that it is less than 15 minutes from my house also makes it great to nip out and capture a sunset if the light looks favourable.

The sunset itself was a bit disappointing, it’s only once the sun dipped below the horizon that the clouds started to take on the shades of pink, orange and red shown in the first image.  This is looking over towards the isle of Arran, using the mottled rocks in the foreground as a nice lead-in.

The second image is of a Portencross Castle sunset. This castle has undergone massive conservation works over the last few years and is now open to visitors.  The renovation included this new path which makes a great lead-in to this image.  Unfortunately health and safety strikes again with the stainless steel railing spoiling the look of the entrance to the castle. The official Portencross castle website has further details about the castle along with opening times.

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