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Ardrossan sunset

Another year, another new camera!  This time I finally succumbed to the delights of a Nikon D800.  I had been sort of wanting one for a while but kept putting myself off.  A couple of weeks ago one came up at a great price so I couldn’t resist.

The last couple of weeks have been really bad, weather wise here.  Almost constant rain and wind.  I took the chance on this night even though it was very windy out and not really ideal sunset conditions.  I went down to Ardrossan north shore and decided to use the concrete covering of the outlet pipe as a lead in line.  While getting everything set-up, a gust of wind managed to blow over the tripod.  Luckily I caught the tripod and camera before it fell over, but it was a scary moment.

The first image from on top of the outlet pipe.

Ardrossan sunset

It was an okay shot, with at least a touch of colour in the sky.  I went down onto the beach hoping to use the line of cloud reflected in any pools of water on the beach.  This was probably the best one of the night.  Again, the high winds was making it difficult to get an image that wasn’t blurry due to the tripod moving on the wet sand.

Ardrossan sunset II

Altogether I spent about an hour in the freezing cold but I did manage to get two images which were alright.

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Ardrossan Sunrise

In my previous post I commented on how good it was to stay by the west coast and be able to nip out and capture a good looking sunset.  Sometimes you can also capture a good sunrise too.  What first made me get out to capture this shot was the lovely golden light hitting the Isle of Arran.  Unfortunately by the time I got into position, the best of the dawn light and golden glow on Arran was probably just about over.  This image did have some plus points though, the cloud formation was quite nice and there was still a bit of a glow to Arran.  Maybe not the lovely pink hues I saw on the way here but still good nonetheless.


Ardrossan Sunrise

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Ardrossan Sunset

The great thing about staying on the coast is that I can watch and see how a sunset develops and nip out and within 10 minutes I am ready to capture it.  You can tell over the course of the afternoon/ early evening if the sunset is going to look any good.  I watched this big bank of cloud roll in as the sunset drew nearer.  I was hoping for the sun to set just before the cloud hit the top of the isle of Arran in the distance which would have meant the whole sky would have been lit up with the underside of the clouds going pink and purple.  It would have been pretty spectacular had it happened, unfortunately it’s not always like that.  The bank of cloud moved a bit quicker than expected and the setting sun never got the chance to light up the underside of the clouds.  What I did get though was a touch of colour on the horizon and a pretty impressive menacing sky.  The sky did bring with it big splodges of rain, which luckily didn’t come down too heavy until after I had packed up and the sun had set completely.

The location for this shot was along Ardrossan North Shore.  This is supposed to be a wreckage of an old ship but I’m not one hundred percent sure if it is or not.  It does still make good foreground interest though.


Ardrossan Sunset II

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The lone canoeist

The solitary canoeist has a last paddle while the sun sets slowly on another day. Another image taken from Ardrossan South Beach.
Kayak at Sunset

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Snow in Ardrossan

This is the view from a couple of days ago. I woke up in the morning to see that overnight a couple of inches of snow had fallen. It was a lovely crisp morning so I ventured out down to the shorefront to get this shot. This is Ardrossan South Beach and in the distance is the Isle of Arran.


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