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The Fishing Pier, Sanibel

Another set of images from Florida.  This is the fishing pier beside the lighthouse in Sanibel island.  These shots were taken just around sunrise at about 6.30am.  Even then the pier was busy with fishermen.

Sanibel Pier

Sanibel Fishing Pier

Sanibel Beach and Pier

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Sanibel Causeway Sunset

We had a few days in Sanibel Island during our Florida trip.  This is the causeway that joins Sanibel to the rest of Florida.

Sanibel Causeway Sunset

This was taken facing away from the setting sun.  Sometimes it’s worthwhile checking behind you as the sunset can be equally spectacular when you are facing away from it!

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Dolphin Fountain

This is the Dolphin Fountain at Sarasota Harbour.  This was taken just as the sun began to rise over the apartments at the harbour.

Dolphin Fountain, Sarasota

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Moon and Canoe

Another image from Sarasota.  This was taken just before sunrise.  The moonlight shining through the pink clouds drew me to this image.

Moon and Canoe, Sarasota

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Siesta Key Sunset

I have finally got round to posting some of my images from my Florida trip.  I will post a new one every few days or so.  This is a sunset at Siesta Key, Sarasota.  The walkway on the left leads round to another small beach off the main beach and a group of rocks that people were fishing from.  I liked the blurred  people walking along the walkway, it seems to add a bit of movement to the foreground.

Sunset at Siesta Key

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