Portencross Pier Sunset

Last night’s sunset at Portencross.  A bit of a rush this one. I left the house around 30 minutes before sunset, which was cutting it a bit fine.  By the time I got there was no chance to look for any other shots and I headed straight for the pier. Luckily it was deserted so I managed to get some pictures without anybody in the way.

Portencross Pier Sunset

Portencross Pier Sunset

Both images on a Nikon D700 with Nikon 16-35 f4 VR lens. A lee 3 stop soft ND Grad and a Lee 3 stop Grad used (to lengthen the exposure and blur the water slightly).

The last one was taken with my Lee Big Stopper. A 3 minute exposure, which wasn’t really long enough. My next exposure of 4 minutes was better but the clouds had moved on so didn’t look as good. A 3 stop soft ND grad was used too. This was the first time I’ve used the Big Stopper with the D700 and I was surprised by the amount of hot pixels in the image. There was also a touch of a magenta cast which is slightly visible on the right. Thinking about it later, I forgot to close the viewfinder blind which might have helped with this.  I have used the Big Stopper on my Nikon D300 and never had issues like this, so more experimenting required I think.

Portencross Pier long exposure

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